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Partnership with ATALENT is an investment in your Talent Acquisition Strategy

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      ATalent Executive Recruitment Consultancy Ltd.

      ​Partnership with ATALENT is an Investment in Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

      ATALENT has extensive talent search experience in a wide range of industries, including sales and business development, communications and technology, corporate secretarial, customer service, finance and accounting, financial technology, human resources, and senior management.


      Candidates landed successfully on multiple interviews


      Candidates landed successfully on their dream job


      Clients are satisfied with our search and with the candidates

      Who We Are

      Trusted Advisor in your Career Strategy

      Access to a diverse industry portfolio of career opportunities

      Our success in attracting reputable firms is based on long-standing relationships that we have developed and nurtured over the years. We have placed qualified candidates across varied industries in job functions such as finance and accounting, sales and business development, and marketing and communications.

      Credibility as experts in executive recruitment

      With years of practical experience in the sectors they cover, ATALENT consultants have developed their reputation and earned their credibility in the marketplace. Our consultants are considered experts in human capital and industry knowledge.

      Win-win hiring situation for both clients and candidates

      Our consultants ignite prospects’ interest in specific opportunities and objectively educate them about the clients’ strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, we assess prospects’ suitability for a given role before introducing them to the client. In turn, our clients meet only the best and brightest candidates; those who can truly add value to their organization.

      Adding value and solving different hiring needs

      We treat every candidate like our client with your unique needs. That is why we offer a bespoke executive recruitment process to add value or to solve your most pressing concerns. We are our client’s brand ambassador and can expertly advise on required job skills, key personality and cultural fit with our clients. ATALENT has earned an unparalleled reputation for working with clients on their most important talent acquisition strategies.

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      Search for a job that suits you

      ATalent Insights

      Better Guidance, Better Horizons

      Why You Should Hire Recruitment Agencies?

      Many job seekers and companies are hiring recruitment agencies to find jobs or find suitable candidates, some companies might even move towards 'partners' relationships between them and the agency. People used to search for candidates with traditional methods,...

      Prepare Yourself For Job Interview

      Taking some time to prepare yourself and run through final checks are crucial in landing and securing the job you are going to interview for. A lot of young people tend to go to an interview without preparation, which leads to many rejections no matter how many times...

      5 Mistakes To Avoid In Writing Resume

      Resume is the most important part in a job search process, it portrays the first impression of the job seekers and employers are able to have a better understanding from the job description of the resume. Every person does their resume writing in their own style,...

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I register as candidate with ATalent?

      Click on “Job Seekers” button and simply fill up necessary details, or you can apply from any job vacancies. For more details, please kindly visit our Candidates page.

      Do I get to choose which industry I want for future career opportunities?

      Of course you can! We will consult with you beforehand in terms of your career interests, which you may then inform us about whichever industry or particular companies you would prefer to work with, from there, we will proceed accordingly.

      What should I do if I cannot make it for the work interview?

      We will arrange the most suitable time for you and the company for an interview session 1 week after the company is interested in knowing you more, if you have last minute emergency on the interview day, you may contact the company 48 hours prior to the interview and reschedule the interview for a later date.

      What should I bring to an interview?

      For successful candidates who land on an interview, please make sure to bring along your Identification Card / Passport as proof of identification, your latest resume copy, copies of educational certifications and / or other necessary documents that the company requested.

      What if I have more questions?

      If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please kindly contact us at 3481 1010 or email to us, you may also fill in the enquiry form on the side or on our Contact Us page.

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